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About Reservation

May I change or cancel my reservation after a firm reservation?

If it is up to 7 days before the pickup day, you can cancel your reservation on My Page.
When you change your reservation, you need to cancel the current reservation first, and then make a reservation newly.
However, less than 7 days before the pickup day, you cannot cancel your reservation on My Page. Please call or e-mail us directly if you need to cancel your reservation.
When e-mailing, please specify your first and last name, and exact date and time to rent a car.
To change or cancel reservations on the pickup day or the day before the pickup day, please call the office directly; do not email.

Is that possible to rent a car in the late evening or to return a carin the early morning?

Please visit the AEON Naha Service Office (Business hours: 10 a.m.‐10 p.m.)
The business hours of the other rental car offices are 8 a.m.‐7 p.m.
Please be advised that customers cannot rent and return cars outside the business hours mentioned above.
(Exceptionally, we provide car rental service to customers even after the business hours only when their flights are delayed due to bad weather or airplane problems)

Can I rent a car with my international driver's license?

Yes, you can.
Please show your "international driver's license" and "passport" when renting a car. We also ask customers who rent a car with an "international driver's license" to make a payment by their credit card basically.

Can an inexperienced driver rent a car or make a reservation?

Due to company's policy, we cannot rent a car to inexperienced drivers who obtained their driver's license less than 6 months before a pickup day.

Quick Start is the special menu only for customers who make a reservation on our official site.

Please bring a copy of the completion display or reservation e-mail sent from us when reservation is completed. Please make sure to print out a "Quick Start User's Agreement", carefully read it and bring it on the pickup day after signing it.

Please tell our staffs at the airport rental car office if you need to use "Quick Start " before taking a free shuttle bus at the airport.

After customers arrive at our service office, our front desk clerks will attend to individual customers.
※However, please understand that when the airport is congested, it may take time.

Please be advised that customers who make reservations through other rental car sites (Rakuten, Jalan, travel plaza, etc.) cannot use this plan.

About How to Rent & Return a Car

Can I pick up a rental car at any other places other than rental car offices?

We are sorry. Both renting and returning a car can be done at our service offices only.

Is there anything that I should do before returning a car?

Please fill up the tank at a gas station when you return a rental car.
No extra work is required such as car wash, oil change, or water drain etc.

My arrival time might be delayed for few hours. What should I do?

Please call your service office first.
If your return is likely to be later than our office closing time, we ask you to return your car on the following business day. (extension charges are separately required). It often results in car accidents when you rush to drive.
Please make sure to always dive safely.

If I had no time for fueling, what should I do?

For customers who return a rental car without gas fueling, we will adjust charges in accordance with a gasoline tank capacity of each vehicle at four stages as shown below:


・more than 3/4
・more than half
・more than 1/4
・less than 1/4

About Vehicle & Options

May I request a type of vehicle?

Since the number of rental cars are limited, we ask customers not to specify a type of vehicle.

I don't know how to use a car navigation system. What should I do?

We hand over to customers a briefly summarized guide book that describes how to operate it.
(There is also a regular users manual of the system in the vehicle). In addition, please be assured that we will explain how to use a car navigation system before driving.
※However, we cannot accept a delayed returning due to car navigation errors.

Is there a mileage limit?

There are no mileage restrictions and no additional charges associated with that. A customer can drive without mileage limits during rental hours.

Are welfare vehicles available?

We are sorry. We provide no services for welfare vehicles.

May I take my pets?

Only S-Class (Smoking car) types can allow pets to ride in. However, customers will be required to pay 1,000yen for each day (excluding tax) as extra charges to take pets. To dive a car with pets, we ask customers to read and agree the following notes.

・Pets are not allowed to stay on car seats.

・Pets must stay inside a animal cage.

・If seats of a vehicle had any damages such as scratch marks and odious smell, and pets hair etc., please note that extra fees will be separately charged for cleaning. ※Guide dogs or assistance dogs are allowed to ride in a car with people.

What should I do if I had a car accident while driving?

First, please call a police station and then the police will conduct an on site inspection with you. After finishing the investigation at the scene, please call your service office to explain the situation.

About Payment

Please tell me how to make a payment.

Please make a payment when you rent a car.
You make a payment by cash or credit card (VISA · Master · JCB · American Express), electric money Edy. In addition, if the return date and time is delayed, additional fees will be charged when returning a car.

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